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  • First Mama Trading, Ghana
    Buyer and Importer of: sugar, wheat, barley, sunflower oil, soybean oil, rice, soybean meal, mail, fuel
  • Nest Import Export, Algeria
    Buyer and Importer of: raw materials, food, chimical products, textile, electronic products, sugar, electronics, machines, all kind of products
  • FLTPC, Australia
    Buyer and Importer of: cement, sugar, pine logs, used railscrap
  • Leonard Trading Company, Togo
    Buyer and Importer of: tomatos, cement, cement fiber, egg, beans, mineral water, potatoes, rice, sugar

  • Duba Global Company Litd, Togo
    Buyer and Importer of: mineral water, paper, tissue, rice, machine, car, truck, beans, sugar
  • Global Commodities, UK
    Buyer and Importer of: bitumen, cement, all kinds of fuel, fertilizer, rice, eucalyptus wood chip, sugar, wheat, all kinds of metal
  • West African Trading, Cote d'Ivoire
    Buyer and Importer of: petroleum products, rice, sugar
  • Kexcel Trading Company, India
    Buyer and Importer of: agro-products, grains, sugar, fertilizers, energy oil, non-ferrous metals, metal scraps, foods, beverages
  • Commodities International, India
    Buyer and Importer of: sugar, rice, wheat, wheat flour, processed and frozen foods, beverages, scraps
  • Oao Vidaenergy, Russia
    Buyer and Importer of: ore, cement, plywood, rice, soya beans, sugar, sunflower, vegitable oil, wheat
  • Mekatix Enterprises Ltd, Uganda
    Buyer and Importer of: machinery, sugar, rice, cosmetics, salt, second hand clothes, electronics, cooking oil, pvc shoes
  • Gatic, Cote d'Ivoire
    Buyer and Importer of: battery r20 15 v, cooking palm oil, dehydrated green peas, sugar, sweetenned condensed milk, tomato paste, milk powder, canned sardine, glucose biscuit
  • One Approach, Pakistan
    Buyer and Importer of: hms, used rail, cement, petroleum, clinker, rice, wheat, fertilizers, sugar
  • Toolsee & Associates, Mauritius
    Buyer and Importer of: gold bars, dore bars, nuggets, scrap iron, hms 1 2, copper, cement, tiles, sugar
  • Tradexpress, Brazil
    Buyer and Importer of: cement, fuel, gold swiss procedures, scraps, soybean, sugar, urea, wheat, yellow corn
  • Argo International GMBH, US
    Buyer and Importer of: urea, rice, cement, sugar, steel, crude oil, diesel oil, scrap, bank guarantees
  • Brickell Business Solutions LLC / Dream Builders Int Inc, US
    Buyer and Importer of: cement, construction consultant, steel frame homes, rice, sugar, blco
  • Eoomex Impex Trading Sarl, Benin
    Buyer and Importer of: canned food, beverages, wheat flour, pharmaceutical products, sugar, chemicals, cosmetics, garments, leather
  • Everetts Procurement Agency, US
    Buyer and Importer of: gold, gold ingots, mtns, gold dory bars, d2, crudeoil, gold dust, gold nuggets, sugar
  • Zitrosa, Nicaragua
    Buyer and Importer of: sunflower oil, olive oil, cdro, urea, iron ore, sugar, wheat, soybean, white corn

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