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  • Al-Mustafa Import, Togo
    Buyer and Importer of: beans, honey, tapioca, palm oil, rice, starch, maize, onions, banana
  • Multitrade Sarl, Togo
    Buyer and Importer of: rice, wheat flour, maize, beans, milk powder, chilli seeds, turmeric, ginger seeds, garlic seeds
  • Saif Company, Egypt
    Buyer and Importer of: hookah, beans
  • Leonard Trading Company, Togo
    Buyer and Importer of: tomatos, cement, cement fiber, egg, beans, mineral water, potatoes, rice, sugar

  • Duba Global Company Litd, Togo
    Buyer and Importer of: mineral water, paper, tissue, rice, machine, car, truck, beans, sugar
  • Akubueze Ltd, Ghana
    Buyer and Importer of: cocoa, sacks, maize, rice, garri, coconuts, beans, yam, fruits
  • RR Trade International, Bangladesh
    Buyer and Importer of: herbal seeds, flax seed, beans, onion, spices, sesame seed, sunglower seed, basil seed, pumpkin seed
  • Jaylinice Services, Nigeria
    Buyer and Importer of: honey, garri, mellon seed, dry fish, chilli pepper, bitterkola, ginger, snails, beans
  • Gibbs Import / Export , LLC, US
    Buyer and Importer of: wheat, rice, corn, beans, barley, soybeans, almond nuts, used cholthing, scrap tires
  • Multibiz Trading LLC, United Arab Emirates
    Buyer and Importer of: agro commodities, lentils, all kind of nuts, pulses, spices, all kind of rice, beans, tea, it components
  • Multilateral Trade France, France
    Buyer and Importer of: vegetable oil, chicken, meat, dairy, beans, barley, butter, sugar, lentil
  • Mariched Investments (Pvt ) Ltd., Zimbabwe
    Buyer and Importer of: tantalite ore, blankets, beans, fertilizers, maize, soya beans, sorghum, timber, coal
  • Global Nexport, Inc, US
    Buyer and Importer of: wheel loader, cranes, construction machinery, excavators, oats, peas, beans, corn, walnut
  • Latin American Food Brokers LLC, US
    Buyer and Importer of: sugar, coffee, beans, rice, spices, fruits, fish, equipment, vegetables
  • Srinjoy Impex, India
    Buyer and Importer of: beans, cumin seeds, food grain, petrochemical derivative, pulses, spices all sorts, sugar, tire cord fabricsyarn, yarns fabrics
  • Legends Legrand, South Africa
    Buyer and Importer of: beans, cocoa, coffee, maize, sugar, rice, animal feed, fertilizer, oil
  • Kilumbu mining company, Congo
    Buyer and Importer of: rice, cooking oil, computers, used tyres, pharmaceutical products, cements, beans, wheat flour, used cars
  • United Raw Material Pte Ltd, Singapore
    Buyer and Importer of: beans, canola, chickpeas, laird lentils, peas, red lentils, rice, sesame
  • Arizona Jislo (k) Merchandise Limited, Kenya
    Buyer and Importer of: maize, cereals, grean gram, beans, computeraccessories, tea, citrus, essential oils, fashion wear
  • Akila Holdings Co., Ltd., Vietnam
    Buyer and Importer of: soybean meal, wheat flour, wheat, yellow corn, rape seed meal, rice bran, beans

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